Hello, Operator?
Wow what

Since when did I follow a bunch of porn blogs. 


If some of you missed it, I’m kind of the media guy now for Sonic Ether. To launch that I made the trailer for his new Shader release. Version 10.1.

The video will show the new features and changes.

To explain

I never really used Tumblr except for posting some MC screenshots or other artsy images. But outside of that I ended up just spending insane amounts of time on it just viewing random stuff. 

So I tried to just cut it out of my routine. Same with reddit. Due to the blogging model of Tumblr, I just simply dont have the kind of interaction I usually wish for, hence I don’t really use it.


I forgot about this place. 

Perfect! I'm looking into getting a camera next year for fashion shoots and food. I don't really need anything too professional, but I want nice clarity and detail to show. I was contemplating the new Nikon's--the ones with Ashton Kutcher's face all over em. Any thoughts about those?

All I can say is think of the camera as a set of tools. A better body gives you more options and flexibility in some cases, the “detail” and “clarity” of a photo comes from good glass. So go with a decent body, maybe a 60D or a T4i and go with a good quality lens like a 24-70 F2.8L from Canon.

Cresty!!! You're into cameras if I remember correctly, yea?

Yes, I am a sort of pro photographer in that I do some paid gigs. But mainly it’s a hobby. My main kit is a 60D, Sigma 30mm F1.4 EXDC, 430EX II flash and a Manfrotto 055xprob tripod with a 701 HDV head

I don’t post on here much because I took the hotbar bookmark for Tumblr off as I was spending so much time on here. But I’m still active on Youtube, though my channel is slowing down a bunch. Still trying to work on it.

I have a question regarding a build I was gonna do for a tower, most of which Im buying off Newegg or going into Frys for, Im just having some issues sorting out whether they'll all be compatible or not and also fit inside my Storm Stryker. If you would lend me your wizard-like advice it would be greatly appreciated.

While normally I’d oblige  I am no longer much in the business of build advice. It’s usually very simple though. Find a hardware forum like Tomshardware, Overclock.net, HardOCp or something like that and those members can help.

I think you should do an LP for SCP Containment Breach. It is probably one of the most frightening games I have ever seen.

I wish Tumblr had a date on these messages, don’t know when they were sent. I’m all for doing LP’s usually, but for those kind of games, I can’t handle them.

Hey, do you still do website design?

I never did actually.


I go rid of my bookmarks bar shortcuts for Reddit and Tumblr to increase productivity. Which is one reason I haven’t posted on here in awhile. Sorry.

Buy a Nexus 7

Unbelievable Tablet for the cost. I got a 16GB, I highly recommend it. Great audio quality, the UI is probably THE most responsive touch interface I’ve felt. Everything feels fast and snappy. Apps load in a fraction of a second. Amazing battery life, great WiFi signal, the menus all feel well organized, it auto backs up and restores. It even will load your phone apps and profile information when it boots up.

I’ll be doing a video on it and also showing off some stuff on it.

looking at your video (CinemaCraft 3 (GLSL & LB PhotoRealism 256x) [Minecraft]) + this mod (Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders) (watch?v=BWS84jo6Isk) is there anyway to combine the waving water with this mod and maybe tune down the blur (A LOT)? the mod to me has some amazing lighting and cool waving grass, would be even better if this were possible. thanks.

I tuned the blur much higher for C3, and for Crystalline. I’ve been dabbling in sonic’s shaders to put waving water in, when I do, Cinemacraft 4 is basically done. The map I’m working on is close to being finished, I’m just working on Waving Water and changing some of the waving aspects.

A big indepth look at Minema. Took 3-4 days to edit, record, etc. Please check it out, and upvote the reddit link in the description of the Video.

I go into deep detail, if you’re interested in super smooth MC videos, it will be what you’re looking for.

Watch it fullscreen on the YT page. It’s a really great game. Can’t wait to see where it will go.